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Waves crashing in at Daytona Beach, the perfect backdrop for a Beach Campfire, Beach Barbecue and Beach Teepee.


Woman Owned+Family Business+Daytona Beach Residents



Deep breath in. Good Vibes. Exhale. You've arrived at the Beach. 


Here's how it all got started. "Barefoot Philosophy is my goal achieved mentality. Every turn I made my entire career pointed to Florida, somewhere on a beach. I came from the corporate world, executive sales and marketing in food and beverage where I launched new product lines. I'm a Penn State grad, grew up in a small papermill town, Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania. This is where my creativity comes from. Small towners don't have stuff to do, we invent stuff to do! Watch FGL's I Love My Country, you'll get me but I have always been more like our hometown guy BK, a Beach Cowboy.


Spent the second half in Newark, New York on the Erie Canal near Syracuse in wine country. The next 15 years were all about climbing the ladder. In 2018, I finally hit goal, an offer to take over the east coast meaning I could live anywhere in the territory. I bought a house that very same day in Ormond Beach. Since then, I've been on vacation every damn day here or at least that's what it feels like but my brain never stops. I created and marketed so many products for other companies, designed startup plans to boost new brands, with tons of ideas floating around up there I often thought, how about one for me?


During this process I fell in love with Ormond and Daytona's history, the birthplace of speed, racing on the beach, prohibition, rum runners and mob ties. It was thee playground for the rich and famous back in the day. Imagine Henry Ford and J.D. Roc racing around on the beach or walking into a club to see Frank Sinatra sitting there. Daytona is doing a lot to revamp the area and recapture its posh history. We have investors coming in, everywhere you look new buildings are popping up all around with huge redevelopment plans underway for the Historic District along Beach Street and the beachfront on Atlantic Ave. When I began thinking of ideas, I wanted to help out our tourism too. Not just any idea or service would do. It had to be full service with a touch of a luxury and not for the rich and famous, for people like us, the average Joe's. We need more On the Beach stuff to do! And that's where it all came from came from back in 2019. Barefoot Philosophy LLC, experiences for beach enthusiasts like me.


It's been a minute but there are forces of nature to work out like wind and high tide. What the hell is a high tide I asked? Silly northerner. Yep, spent the last few years studying all of that. It means less beach is available for your butt to sit on. Tide patterns, got it down pat. Picture SpongeBob with spatula in hand yelling, I'M READY!!

Live life carefree with the Beach Tribe at Barefoot Philosophy. Everything is better on the beach!" Jennifer


Our mission is to bring unique, full service experiences to the Daytona Beach area because we believe everything is better on the beach. When we created Beach Campfires, we envisioned a fun revival to a time honored tradition of enjoying a fire on the beach with an unobstructed view of stars overhead. Back in the day, fires on the beach were a regular occurrence that just sort of disappeared, until now. Revive the tradition and burn one on the beach. Just because this is a touch of luxury doesn't mean it's a stuffy experience. We aren't talking about the good towels in the bathroom that are just for show! Kick your flip flops off and get good and cozy. The night sky over the ocean is breathtaking. You might even catch a shooting star. 


S'mores waiting to be toasted over the fire by Beach Campfires.


Mobile Location

1200 Main St Bridge

Daytona Beach, FL 32118

(386) 282-7494


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